urgent care doctor looking at x-ray image

An x-ray is a test that allows healthcare providers to look at structures under the skin such as your bones and lungs. Radiation passes through your body and is absorbed differently on a metal plate or piece of film depending on the density of the organ or structure. Your bones and teeth contain calcium and are most dense so they appear white on the x-ray film or digital picture. Your lungs, on the other hand, mostly contain air so they appear almost black. Tissues such as your heart and other organs will be a shade of grey in between.

What Are X-rays Used For?

X-rays are used by physicians and other healthcare providers to sneak a peak inside your body. They may be ordered to evaluate a bone for fracture, your lungs for pneumonia, your abdomen for abnormal gas patterns, or your teeth for deterioration. X-rays are good for evaluating dense objects such as bones and teeth but are of little utility when it comes to imaging of the softer tissues of the body. This is why your provider may order a CT scan or MRI to help arrive at a diagnosis.

When Do I Need X-Rays?
A variety of medical conditions are diagnosable by X-ray, including:

  • bone fractures (hairline or stress)
  • various knee conditions
  • joint dislocations (shoulder, elbow, hip)
  • penetration injuries (such as embedded glass, wood, or metal foreign bodies)
  • swallowed foreign bodies (opaque to X-rays)
  • kidney stones (opaque to X-rays)
  • pneumonia
  • congestion or fluid in the lungs
  • various stomach problems

Your high-resolution images can be viewed almost instantly, and thanks to our cutting-edge technology, we can zoom in to examine even the smallest details.

Digital X-rays are available for adults and children of all ages, and they are always read by a board-certified radiologist. Plus, our X-ray images are available on a CD that you can provide to your orthopedic surgeon or other specialist if necessary.

Advanced Urgent Care & Occupational Medicine offers in-house X-Ray Services.  If you are in need for an x-ray for any type of injury like a broken bone or a compound fracture, come to Advanced Urgent Care and get checked out.  To schedule an appointment, call Advanced Urgent Care & Occupational Medicine at 303-659-9700.