We Care. Every Day.

Advanced Urgent Care & Occupational Medicine is thrilled to sponsor two Northglenn area elementary schools as part of the “Homer & Me” program. The program consists of an assembly and interactive workshops with local police officers and Homer the mascot. The students learn about healthy food, exercise and the dangers of alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, and drugs use. They have the opportunity to see the difference between a healthy lung and a black lung and are given a presentation on the negative effects of marijuana and prescription drugs.

“Homer & Me” also provides each student with a personalized book to take home.
The Give-A-Book program has huge benefits:

  • Promotes positive choices regarding healthy eating and exercise
  • Promotes positive choices for the prevention of alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, and drug use
  • The student’s name and a friend’s name, are all a part of the story. This increases their motivation to read
  • Provides a long-lasting impact as a personalized book is rarely thrown away; it will be read over and over again

We believe early education is key in promoting healthy living and are proud to help instill these values in our community’s youth!