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Are you and your family familiar with the benefits of the flu vaccine? Advanced Urgent Care & Occupational Medicine is encouraging our customers to get their flu shot during October or early November to help proactively combat against this years flu season.

When is the Flu Season:

The flu season is typically between early October to late March. Help your community lower the number of flu cases seen this year, by getting your flu shot! Finding ways to protect your family against the influenza virus is a must. By getting the flu shot you are also helping those around you. By minimizing the risk, we are continuing to help combat against influenza.

Who is a High Risk Patient with Influenza?

Small children, pregnant woman and elderly are at a higher risk if they are exposed to the influenza virus. If a pregnant woman receives a flu shot she is also helping protect her newborn child. Studies conducted by CDC have shown that the newborn child is able to combat against influenza easier if the mother received her flu shot during her pregnancy.

There is No Guarantee:

If you get the flu vaccine there is no guarantee that you will not get the flu. While it is still possible to get the flu after receiving the flu vaccine, the shot will at least reduce the severity of the illness. The flu shot only helps your body fight against select flu strains. In most cases however, if you get the flu shot you are better protected against the flu virus.

Even if you don’t regularly get sick, you could be a carrier for the influenza virus. Help protect those around you by getting your flu vaccine today. Flu vaccines are free with most insurances. Call any of our clinics today to find out if your insurance is covered at 303-659-9700.

To find out more about influenza and the flu shot vaccine, CLICK HERE to visit the CDC website.