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Written by J. Sundberg

When an injury occurs at your company, your employee’s health and your workers’ compensation deductible are likely your first two concerns. But there’s another significant issue you may also face: If the attending provider performs excessive care, your company could be hit with harsh fines.

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Why Fines May be Imposed

OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) may impose stiff monetary penalties against your company if a “recordable” injury occurs—one that requires more than first aid treatment or requires the employee to abstain from working. These fines are imposed in order to deter unsafe work practices that may lead to substantial injury.

The 2019 penalties are:

  • Other-than-Serious violations, $13,260 (up from $12,675 in 2018);
  • Serious violations, $13,260 (up from $12,675);
  • Repeat violations: $132,598, (up from $126,749);
  • Willful violations, $132,598 (up from $126,749);
  • Failure to abate (per day), $13,260 (up from $12,675 last year).

You are not helpless against the prospect of an OSHA-recordable injury, but you do need to act before your next injury occurs.

The Critical First Step — Exercise Your Right

Sometimes, OSHA recordables are unavoidable due to the nature or severity of the injury. But often, workplace injuries can be treated using only first aid measures. The level of care needed is decided by the medical provider.

In Colorado, the employer has the right to select the first provider an injured employee will see after an accident. Designating this provider is essential; It can mean the difference between a substantial fine or no consequence at all.

Your first instinct will be to select the medical provider that offers the most effective care—and that’s the right thing to do. But if you select a talented doctor who isn’t experienced in workers’ compensation, they could make critical mistakes. We often hear of physicians prescribing medication to ease minor pain when doing so is not necessary. That decision doesn’t impact the provider, but it can hurt your company.

And if no provider is designated, again, your company is left vulnerable; Your employee could visit his primary care physician for injury care. Primary care providers are usually not well-versed in workers’ compensation.

Advanced Urgent Care & Occupational Medicine: A Conservative Injury Care Provider

Conservative injury care is about utilizing treatments that lead to swift recovery, yet avoiding those which lead to OSHA-recordables, if possible. Why designate us as your injury care provider?

  • Each of our clinics has a provider on staff with a specialization in workers’ compensation injury treatment
  • Our providers are certified Level 1 or Level 2 Workers’ Compensation providers, meaning they are highly qualified to handle any work-related injury or illness
  • Occupational Medicine Director, Dr. Julie Parsons, has over 22 years’ experience in workers’ compensation, and she assists in provider training and personally reviews every claim
  • We are a SelectNet Provider for Pinnacol Assurance
  • We offer several convenient locations in Colorado. Click here to see them all.
  • Our clinics are trusted to serve over 500 organizations in the north Denver metro area, including UPS, Halliburton, Vestas, the City of Westminster, City of Thornton and more
  • We are proud to offer extended hours (nights and weekends) at our clinics

Don’t Wait to Designate Your Workers’ Compensation Provider

When an injury has happened, it’s already too late to designate your provider for that injury. Contact us today and learn how you can designate Advanced Urgent Care & Occupational Medicine as your workers’ compensation injury care provider so you can be better protected from monetary penalties.