Please wear a face mask or face covering when entering any of our clinics.

With telemedicine growing more than ever in recent years, we’ve adopted digital practices to offer an improved patient experience. Whether you’re at home and need to meet with a medical staff member after hours, or you want to triage a minor injury from the office, we offer the following virtual services to improve your access to health care.

Virtual Visits: For minor injuries and illnesses, access one of our medical staff members 24/7 from your location. All you need is our app (download it here) for your smartphone or tablet.

eClinic Virtual Visits: Introduced at the end of 2017, we currently offer this option only from our Brighton location to shorten your in-clinic wait time. Similar to our Virtual Visits, eClinic Virtual Visits allow you to meet with one of our off-site medical staff members virtually from our clinic. If you prefer this option, let one of our staff members know upon check-in.

Triage Virtual Visits (Occupational Medicine): Through this service, our providers are available 24/7 to triage your employees’ work-related injuries via smartphone or tablet. You can access this service from any location, and then complete a follow-up visit at any of our clinics.