Please wear a face mask or face covering when entering any of our clinics.

We are so grateful to have such an outstanding team at

Advanced Urgent Care & Occupational Medicine!


This week we’d like to recognize Kate Euser!


If you’ve visited our drive-up COVID-19 testing sites or received the IgG Antibody test you have her to thank!

Kate Euser is Advanced Urgent Care & Occupational Medicine’s Director of Training and Innovation.

Kate has been a driving force in our fight against COVID-19. She has helped us quickly and efficiently open all five of our COVID-19 test sites, and has made it possible for us to offer IgG Antibody Testing to our patients.

She regularly communicates with the entire staff, has held virtual all company meetings, keeps everyone updated on COVID-19 testing procedures and safety protocol, and she always encourages and motivates our team.

What we love most about Kate, is her dedication to Advanced Urgent Care & Occupational Medicine. Kate truly cares about the staff, the company and most importantly our patients. We feel honored to have an employee like Kate, who will do whatever she can to ensure we are always providing our patients and communities with the highest quality of care possible!

Next time you see Kate please join us in saying,