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Occupational Medicine and Workers’ Compensation

At Advanced Urgent Care & Occupational Medicine, we provide comprehensive Occupational Medicine services with an emphasis on sensitivity to our clients’ needs. Our goal is to deliver prompt services and exceptional care, all while minimizing costs to our business partners.

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In addition to providing exceptional medical treatment for any injuries that occur in the workplace, we provide the following services:

*Employer Authorization Form must be filled out prior to appointment in order for Workers Comp/Occupational Medicine patients to receive treatment.

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How to Ensure PPE is Used When Necessary

How to Ensure PPE is Used When Necessary

It can sometimes be difficult to get employees to regularly wear their personal protective equipment (PPE)—especially since it’s not always comfortable, and it can be unclear when it’s necessary. As an employer, you should know that you are legally...

The Easiest Way to Prevent Workers’ Compensation Claims

The Easiest Way to Prevent Workers’ Compensation Claims

Just one workers’ compensation claim has the potential to throw your thriving business into chaos. Lost productivity, medical bills and stiff fines from OSHA are just a few consequences to consider. To protect your company, you’ll need to prevent workers’...