Physical Capability Exam

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We offer a comprehensive testing system to evaluate your employees’ physical abilities. As an added convenience, test results also correlate with the Department of Labor Work Levels.

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The PCE consists of a series of 18 evaluations and formal assessments measuring:

  1. Basic Strength
  2. Range of Motion
  3. Endurance
  4. Work Activities
  5. Task Lifting

Test Duration: 45 Minutes

For those exercises that are weighted, the test subject will be asked to perform three (3) reps of each exercise. The test subject must compete all three (3) reps at the weight interval to move up to the next weight interval. If the test subject cannot complete three (3) reps while maintaining proper technique the last weight interval completed will be documented as the result. For those exercises (squats and sit-ups) that are non-weighted, the test subject will be asked to complete as many reps as he/she can in 20 sec. The number of reps will be recorded as the result. For the pinch and grip measurements, the test will be performed three (3) times each. All three (3) sets will be recorded and will be reported as an average. Range of motion will be measured using an inclinometer and a goniometer, and will be recorded as a baseline measurement.

To learn more about the PCE testing protocol, reach out to your account manager.