With stay-at-home orders in place and social-distancing in full swing, many celebrations like anniversaries and birthday parties are cancelled. There are however, ways you can get creative to celebrate these events while maintaining proper social distancing. The Coronavirus is taking a toll on the world, and we think now more than ever, a little fun and happiness can go a long way among friends, family and your community!

For Kids

Check out these great party ideas from Brit+Co for the kiddos!

Host a Costume Zoom Party: Ask friends and family to dress up for the online occasion and DIY your own! (Here are a few for the whole family: Disney Character, Space, Animals, Career (what do you want to be when you grow up?)) Come up with a theme, make a cake or cupcakes and dig in while surprising your little one with all the funny and familiar faces online (free via Zoom or other meeting platform). Sing Happy Birthday before they blow out the candles!

Twist on the Neighborhood Drive. Ask friends, family, teachers and babysitters to put out balloons, signs, chalkboard art, or flowers on their doorstep for a neighborhood celebration. Then drive your kiddo around to spot the town celebration in honor of them.

Create a Gift Scavenger Hunt. Wrap gifts from friends and family (or buy a few trinkets to support local shops online) and give clues to the birthday kid on where to find them around the house. Make one extra special for a birthday to remember.

Make a Friends Birthday Book. Have your child name three of their favorite things. Ask their friends to draw a picture inspired by those three things and sign their name. The kid or parent writes down the story of their picture and mails or drops it off to you. You staple or tie all the drawings together, make a cover, and you have a bedtime birthday book they’ll want you to read again and again.

Have a Family Sprinkler Party. Get everyone under quarantine at home outside in the sunshine for a few runs through the sprinklers, water balloons and popcicles in honor of the birthday kid.

Camp Out With an Outdoor Movie. It’s warming up around the country and how fun would it be to camp out in your backyard with a family tent, grilled s’mores and snacks, and their favorite movie? Bonus: if you have a projector, hang a sheet and project the movie, this way you can invite the neighbors, just make sure everyone stays at least 6ft. away from each other.


For Adults

We know a lot of adults who wouldn’t mind a celebration similar to those listed above for kids, but we’ve come up with a few other ideas that are more geared towards an older audience.

Host A Surprise Roast. A roast is a form of humor in which a specific individual or couple, is the guest of honor, and are subjected to jokes at their expense. Such events are intended to honor a specific individual in a unique way. In addition to jokes, roast also involve genuine praise and tributes. The implication is that the roastee(s) is able to take the jokes in good humor and not as serious criticism or insult. Have friends and family come up with jokes and stories about the guest(s) of honor. Gather everyone on Zoom, and let the roasting begin! Don’t forget to include a few kind words, or stories here and there to remind the roastee(s) how loved and appreciated they are!

Virtual Dance Party. Pick a friend or family member to be the designated DJ. Let everyone send in song requests, make a playlist, and have a dance party via Zoom! Bonus Points: Have everyone use glow sticks, Christmas lights, or some other form of alternative lighting for an extra fun twist.

Host an Online Karaoke Party. Ask friends and family to join in the fun with a karaoke party via Zoom or other meeting platform. Plan songs ahead of time, you can even pick a theme, like 80’s rock ballads or Disney Songs! Bonus Points: If you pick a theme, have everyone dress in costume!

Virtual Cocktails. This is a more relaxing way to celebrate. Have everyone grab their favorite cocktails (or pick a cocktail for everyone to make) and get together on Zoom or another meeting platform. Share stories, check on each other, encourage positivity and play games like charades, two truths one lie. Bonus Points: You can create your own bingo sheet beforehand to share with everyone for a fun activity!

Virtual Dinner Party. A virtual dinner party could be slightly more labor intensive, and  might require a few safety measures. The virtual dinner party can happen three ways. The first way, is picking something for everyone to share for dinner, we recommend easy meals like pizzas, tacos, curries ect. cook the food in bulk, and deliver it to your friends and family to eat together via Zoom. The Second way is to gather ingredients, portion it out, deliver the ingredients to family and friends and everyone gather on zoom for a fun cooking party. Lastly, if cooking doesn’t sound appealing, everyone can decide on a local restaurant to support, order your food, and again, gather on Zoom for a feast!

Watch a Movie or Show With Your Friends. Another relaxing way to celebrate, or simply enjoy each others’ company from afar is to all watch a movie or binge a show together. In the wake of COVID-19, Netflix released a streaming extension called Netflix Party that allows you to connect with friends and family while watching your favorite movies/shows. Netflix Party synchronizes video playback and adds the option of a group chat! This way, everyone stays at the same spot in the movie/show, no one falls behind and spoilers aren’t an issue! The hardest part of this virtual party is deciding what to watch!