If you are showing symptoms of COVID-19, or were exposed to it, consider scheduling a COVID-19 test. Follow this easy guide to help get you started.

Things to Remember When Scheduling a COVID-19 Test

Before getting your COVID-19 test, you’ll first schedule a telehealth visit with our medical provider. During the telehealth visit, your medical provider will schedule you for a curbside test at our location of your choice. After your telehealth visit, you will proceed to the clinic for your scheduled COVID-19 test.

Follow These Steps to Schedule a COVID-19 Test

Watch this video, or follow the written steps, below if you are having trouble scheduling your COVID test:


  1. Head to Advurgent.com

  3. Click “Start Process Here” on the homepage

  5. Click “New Patient” if this is your first time with us or click “Returning Patient” if you’ve seen us before

  7. From here you will pick “Online Visit” under visit type. Then choose your telehealth visit time and date

  9. Put “COVID Test” under “Reason for Appointment,” then fill out your info at the bottom of the page

  11.  After you submit your information you will receive a confirmation text with a personal code. This will be sent to the number under your patient profile

  13. Enter your code and click “Verify”

  15. Your telehealth visit is now booked! You will receive a confirmation email sent to the email address under your patient profile

  17. Prior to your telehealth visit time, you will be sent a link through your email to connect with your medical provider

  19. During your telehealth visit, your medical provider will schedule you for either a curbside rapid or PCR test at one of our nearest locations.

  21. Head to the clinic for your scheduled COVID-19 test at one of our locations

  23. If you choose lab-based PCR testing, you will receive results in 3 to 7 days. If you choose antigen or PCR rapid testing you will receive results the same day as testing. You can view these results and all appointment information on the Patient Portal

Schedule Your COVID-19 Test Today

At Advanced Urgent Care & Occupational Medicine we offer lab-based PCR, and antigen rapid testing at all of our locations. The rapid PCR test is available at our Broomfield clinic. Schedule your test today by clicking here.