Summer is in full swing, but are your athletes prepared for fall sports? CHSAA has changed the first practice date to Monday August 6th, and we want to make sure your athletes and teams are prepared with their updated sports physicals.

Sport physicals are annual exams that help coaches, staff and parents insure that athletes are fit and capable to perform in their desired sports. During the exams, our staff would review the athletes prior health records, their personal capabilities, and assess if there is any risks that we need to be aware of.

For the month of July, Advanced Urgent Care & Occupational Medicine clinics (located in Brighton, Fort Lupton and Northglenn) are offering a $5 discount to all athletes on their sports physical exam. Join one of our locations or visit our website to find out more

You can now reserve your spot inline and check in on our website. Click Here to get in line now!

Please review the below frequently asked questions for more information regarding our clinics and annual Sport Physical exams.

  • Can Advanced Urgent Care verify my immunizations during a sports physical? The Platte River Medical Clinic is able to verify and administer immunizations during a sports physical, but if no immunizations are needed Advanced Urgent Care can get you scheduled for a same day sports physical.
  • What should I bring to a sports physical? Check with your school to see if they have a designated physical form to bring with you for your appointment.
  • Does the athlete’s parent need to be present for the physical? A parent does not need to be present in the patient room for a sports physical, however we do need to have the parents’ consent on file. You can find an online parental consent form on our website. If any immunizations are needed at the Platte River Medical Clinic, parents will need to give another written consent before you can receive immunizations.
  • Do I need a sports physical for school sports?Most of the time, the answer is yes, however we recommend that you check with your school to see if your school requires a sports physical.
  • Can I get a sports physical without insurance? Yes. Both Advanced Urgent Care and Platte River Medical Clinic have cash pay prices for sports physicals.
  • How do I get the form to fill out for a sports physical? Contact your school to see if your school requires a sports physical. Some schools simply require a letter from our clinics stating that you’ve had a sports physical for the year.