With summer break right around the corner, life seems to speed up, not slow down. Parents typically get the worst of it, waking up sick in the middle of the night, or the day before the big family trip is not convenient. Without fail, life continues while we are making plans.

Minor adjustments for a healthier spring and summer season:

  • Sleep – There are little things we can do to help and help prevent ongoing illnesses. Rest is one of the most important factors that help our body, get the time it needs, to keep us healthy and strong. By finding ways to go to bed earlier, limiting phone or electronic use before bed, and aiming for seven or more hours of sleep each night, you can help prevent last minute illnesses.
  • Diet – Managing a healthy diet can be the key to a healthy spring and summer season. Monitoring the vitamins you take, the nutrient absorbed, and the amount of water you consume daily are key.
  • Exercise – Our bodies are machines, what we put into our bodies and how we treat our bodies, will either benefit us or have a negative impact. Find ways to make your exercise more enjoyable, go for a walk, try a new activity, or maybe even join a sport. Anyway you can add exercise into your lifestyle will benefit you in the long run!

When you or your family are sick, it is always at the most convenient time, right? Wrong! Typically we get sick when we are busy; busy with work, busy with life, or busy making plans. How can you make your healthcare needs fit around your busy schedule?

Telemedicine is now making healthcare more convenient by offering virtual appointments, remote treatment and on the go services. You can now see an online doctor or provider while you are traveling (within the United States), while you are working, or in the middle of the night. Advanced Urgent Care & Occupational Medicine is working hard to help our local families by offering telemedicine services at a low cost rate, available 24/7. Enjoy this anytime, anywhere service via your mobile phone device.

Download our Virtual Visit Healthcare App today and enjoy the convenience of a remote virtual visit. The application is free to download, easy to use and $50 for a virtual visit. Prescriptions can be prescribed on a case by case basis. For more information about our virtual healthcare services, visit our website at advurgent.com. To download the app visit: https://spruce.care/auc