Are you and your family prepared for your fall and winter activities? Is your athlete approved to play their winter sport? Do you know what physicals are encouraged annually for your family? Do you have a required physical for a new or current position? 

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Sport Physical

Know Your Limits

Available Physical Options:

Yearly Comprehensive Physicals:
  • Annual exams or physicals are done at PRMC (located in Brighton Colorado). These physicals address our patients current medical condition. Since annual exams are considered ‘preventative care,’ they are typically free with most insurance plans. If you are an established patient, your provider can review your physicals annually and offer comparisons from years prior. Patients can request changes or reorders for their prescriptions during their physical as well. Physical parameters will vary by gender. Find out more about PRMC on our website:
Sport Physicals:
  • Majority of athletic programs require a sports physical. These physicals help determine if an athlete is fit enough to partake in their desired sport. During these physicals, our providers will review the athletes health, previous injuries, and their vitals. Out staff wants to ensure that all athletes will be safe and healthy, prior to participating in the upcoming season. Our Sport Physicals are offered through a cash pay program, no insurance is necessary.
Federal Aviation Administration Physicals (FAA):
  • Dr. Euser offers FAA physicals for Pilots. These physicals are also known as a Flight Physical. FAA Physicals are required for Military and civilian Pilots. In order to receive the proper clearance, Pilots must pass their medical examinations to operate a plane. To schedule an appointment for a FAA Physical, call our PRMC clinic today! Dependent on the age and Pilot classification, these physicals may be good for one to five years.
Department of Transportation (DOT) Physicals:
  • DOT Physicals are typically required when operating large or heavy weight commercial vehicles. Most DOT Physicals are required prior to a driver receiving a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). Our staff is registered with the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners (NRCME). They are able to offer DOT Physicals at our AUCOM clinics or on our Mobile Clinic (onsite). To find out more, visit:
Pre-participation Physicals:
  • Pre-participation Physicals can fall under several categories like Camp Physicals, Club/Activity Physicals, or Child Care Physicals. While each of these activities may not require a physical, physicals are recommended prior to involvement. These physicals help ensure your child’s health and determine their physical capabilities.
Pre-employment Physicals:
  • Pre-employment Physicals help determine a candidate’s/employee’s physical and mental capabilities for a position. Our staff offers a diverse range of options regarding Pre-employment Physicals. AUCOM offers medical and physical examinations on a walk-in basis. To see a list of Pre-employment Physical options, visit our employer services page here:

Make sure you are prepared this year, for more information contact Advanced Urgent Care & Occupational Medicine at 303-659-9700.