We Care. Every Day.

Written by J. Sundberg

Brittney Blanchard holds that without strong communication and relentless teamwork in the clinic, it can be tough to handle workers’ compensation injuries properly.

Every day, she finds herself speaking with employers who are eager to hear about the status of their injured employee, specialists who assist in the recovery of injured patients, and coworkers who assist in handling care and insurance information. There are a lot of people to work with when an injured worker visits urgent care.

Teamwork and communication, Brittney says, are the biggest advantages Advanced Urgent Care & Occupational Medicine has over other occupational medicine and workers’ compensation providers.

Why did you choose to work in occupational medicine/workers’ compensation?

“It kind of found me. The urgent care I was working in started ramping up its occupational medicine, and I learned that I enjoyed it. I was able to actually have follow-ups with people—and see them improve!

And I could see them get back to work. I like being able to see the same people on a regular basis and watch their progress.”

What sets Advanced Urgent Care & Occupational Medicine apart?

“The team vibe here is what sets us apart from other clinics. We have a lot of support. Everyone from Medical Assistants to PAs are well-trained and experienced in workers’ compensation and occupational medicine. I think specifically, our core team sets us apart from other clinics.”

What are some of your biggest daily challenges?

“The big challenge in occupational medicine is working with (insurance) adjusters.”

The team at the clinic, she explained, makes that challenge easier by ensuring all insurance information goes through properly.

“Without the team, it would be challenging to overcome that—but we do. I see it on a regular basis.”

What’s it like working with specialists in the area?

“We have a really good relationship with specialists in the area—and physical therapists. Dr. Parsons (Advanced Urgent Care & Occupational Medicine Physician and workers compensation specialist) has been doing this work for 20 or 25 years, so she’s established a lot of good relationships with these other specialists in the area. Those relationships make for a pretty strong core here.”

What’s your favorite part of the job?

“Getting people healthy and back to work—hands-down. My favorite days are when I get to watch a patient that was once ill or injured and discharge them back to full duty with no impairment. I think that’s probably the best part of my day.”

What’s it like working with employers?

“Having the employer involved is important. I keep an open-door policy with employers. I don’t call them and drive them crazy talking about every injury, unless they want me to chat with them. I give them the amount of information they need, and that can differ from one company to another. I even give out my personal cell phone number.”

What would you be doing if you weren’t a Physician Assistant?

“Well, I worked with the elderly prior to this in assisted living homes, so I would probably be trying to manage an assisted living home—more on the administrative side. I like taking care of people, so it would be something like that.”

Brittney received her Master’s degree in Physician Assistant Studies from a top-20 nationally recognized program at the University of Southern California where she graduated from in 2016.

She was born and raised in Southern California near the beach cities and moved to Denver for her Bachelor’s degree in Biology at CU Denver. She fell in love with the state, becoming a die-hard Broncos fan overnight.