Strep throat is a common illness seen among children attending school and daycare, so with children heading back to school and going to daycare, it’s important to know if the sore throat they are experiencing is actually strep. According to the CDC, 3 in 10 children with a sore throat have strep, whereas 1 in 10 adults with a sore throat has strep.

Telemedicine Visit for Strep

Telemedicine Visit for Strep: Symptoms

According to Healthline, strep is a bacterial infection that is highly contagious. If you or your child are experiencing the following symptoms it’s advised you stay at home to limit exposure. Seeking treatment through a telemedicine visit for strep is also a good option to limit exposure, while still getting treatment. Here’s how you can tell if you or your child has strep:

  • You have a sore throat that started quickly
  • You’re experiencing pain when swallowing
  • You have a fever
  • You have swollen tonsils
  • There are tiny red spots on the roof of your mouth
  • You have swollen lymph nodes in the front of your neck

It’s recommended if you are experiencing these symptoms to consult a doctor. Strep is a bacterial infection that can be treated with antibiotics. If doing a telemedicine visit for strep, the provider can call in any necessary prescriptions to the pharmacy of your choice.

Is it Strep or a Sore Throat?

If your sore throat is accompanied by a cough, runny nose, and hoarseness, it is likely you do not have strep throat. However, it is recommended to see a provider if you want to be sure. Key differences between a sore throat and strep are the tiny red spots at the roof of the mouth and swollen tonsils.

Curbside Rapid Strep Testing Available!

Advanced Urgent Care & Occupational Medicine in Colorado and Rapid Testing LLC are partnering to provide curbside strep throat testing at all of our clinics. Testing is available without a visit with a provider and you’ll receive results the same day as testing. This is a great option if you want to see if you or your child have strep without needing to see a provider. Click here to learn about the curbside test and to schedule today!

Keep in mind, if you or your child test positive for strep, you will need to schedule a visit with a provider in order to treat the infection. If left untreated, there is a high risk for rheumatic fever or scarlet fever.

See a Provider from Home with a Telemedicine Visit for Strep

Strep can typically be diagnosed with a telemedicine visit for strep at Advanced Urgent Care & Occupational Medicine. These visits are available 7 days a week. Click here learn more about telehealth visits and to schedule your visit today.