Please wear a face mask or face covering when entering any of our clinics.

Throughout Colorado, we’ve seen a lift on stay-at-home orders. Currently most of the state is at the safer-at-home level. But what exactly does that mean?


Under Colorado’s Stay-At-Home Orders, residents are ordered to stay at home. You may only leave your home for necessary trips. These trips include, venturing to and from work, visits to the grocery store( or to a restaurant offering curbside pick-up), and medical trips (doctors appointments, COVID-19 testing ect.). All non-essential businesses are closed under these stay-at-home orders, including retail and personal services (such as salons, spas and tattoo parlors.)


Under Colorado’s Safer-At-Home Level, Coloradans are no longer ordered to stay at home, but it is strongly recommended they remain at home except for essential activites. At the safer-at-home level, many essential and non-essential businesses are open. However, these businesses must follow strict operation restrictions, such as no more than a few people allowed inside at once, temperatures might be taken before entering, masks are typically required, and proper steps must be taken by employees to sanitize and clean surfaces. At the safer-at-home level, restaurants are only pick-up and delivery, no eat-in services may be offered.

What Safer-At-Home Does NOT Mean

With some restrictions being lifted during the transition from Stay-At-Home, to Safer-At-Home, it is important to remember that this does NOT mean things are “back to normal.” While there has been a decrease in restrictions, COVID-19 is still very active in the state of Colorado and a re-surge in cases is very possible and can happen at any time. You should remain vigilant, wear your face mask, continue to wash your hands, avoid touching your face, regularly clean high-touch surfaces, keep 6ft of distance between yourself and others and try to only leave the house for essential activities.

What is an essential activity?

Activities, tasks, and errands you must do to keep yourself, your family, and your household members safe and healthy. Essential activities include:

  • Getting essential medical care, medical supplies and equipment, and medicine.
  • Getting food and supplies for yourself, your family, your pets, and your household members. That means the supplies you need to live a healthy life, keep a safe and healthy home, and get supplies you need to work or learn at home.
  • Caring for a family member, vulnerable person, or animals that are in a different location than your home.
  • Walking your dog or feeding animals.
  • Outdoor activities such as walking, hiking, cross-country skiing, running, etc. Group sizes are limited to 10 and groups must follow Social Distancing Requirements. Travel for recreation is limited to 10 miles.
  • Going to work.
Why go to the safer-at-home level instead of opening everything back up?

The change from Stay-at-home to Safer at Home is about establishing a more sustainable way of living for Coloradans during this pandemic. While at the Safer at Home level, it is critical for Coloradans to continue staying home as much as possible. Higher-risk individuals and people 65 and older should continue staying at home and only leave for essential activities. This Safer at Home level will also allow for more economic activity, more personal well-being, and more geographic differentiation while ensuring public health and safety.

What to do if you are sick?

If you simply aren’t feeling well or if you suspect a possible case of COVID-19, we recommend scheduling an online visit with one of our providers. Our provider can virtually assess your symptoms, refer you for COVID-19 testing and IgG Antibody Testing, and even provide personalized treatment plans, to help you start feeling better fast! To learn more about our online visit services or schedule your visit CLICK HERE.