X-Ray Services

Advanced Urgent Care & Occupational Medicine provides in-house digital X-Ray Services for adults and children of all ages.

Our state of the art digital imaging and X-ray machines produce precise and detailed scans that can be viewed almost instantly. This allows our medical team to quickly diagnose your injury or illness, and prescribe the best treatment plan.

We are happy to provide you the images on CD to share with a surgeon or specialist, if further treatment is necessary.

What Are X-rays Used For?

Physicians and other healthcare providers use x-rays to observe your bones and lungs. They may order an X-ray in order to evaluate a bone for a fracture, or your lungs for pneumonia.

When Do I Need X-rays?

X-rays can help diagnose a variety of medical conditions, including:

  • bone fractures (hairline or stress)
  • various knee conditions
  • joint dislocations (shoulder, elbow, hip)
  • penetration injuries (such as embedded glass, wood, or metal foreign bodies)
  • swallowed foreign bodies (opaque to X-rays)
  • kidney stones (opaque to X-rays)
  • pneumonia
  • congestion or fluid in the lungs
  • various stomach problems

Whether you are concerned about a broken bone or a compound fracture, come to Advanced Urgent Care & Occupational Medicine for a digital X-ray. 

Walk-ins welcome at our locations, no appointment needed.

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