COVID-19 Vaccine

Advanced Urgent Care & Occupational Medicine in Colorado is accepting vaccine appointment requests for anyone in phases 1A, 1B.1, and 1B.2. Vaccines are available to everyone who is eligible. You do not have to be a current patient of ours to get the vaccine. Click on the button below to be added to our waitlist.

We are offering the Moderna vaccine at this time. When vaccines are available, we will text you to confirm a scheduled date and time.

We are accepting all major insurances for the vaccine including Kaiser. If you are uninsured, you are eligible for the vaccine through the government’s HRSA program. Even though we request your insurance information there is no out-of-pocket cost to the patient. We ask for the insurance information in order for us to collect a government-funded administration fee.

COVID-19 Vaccine: Colorado’s Plan for Distribution

The State of Colorado developed a phased distribution plan for getting Coloradans vaccinated in a timely and fair manner. Those phases are listed below. Click here for more information. People who fall under phases 1A, 1B.1, and 1B.2 are now able to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

Advanced Urgent Care & Occupational Medicine is accepting vaccine appointment requests for anyone in phases 1A, 1B.1, and 1B.2. Click here to get added to our list. Supplies are limited.

Phase 01

Currently Eligible

Phase 1 A – Eligible for COVID-19 Vaccine

  • Highest-Risk Health Care Workers and Individuals

Phase 1 B.1 – Eligible for COVID-19 Vaccine

  • Coloradans Aged 70 and Older
  • Moderate-Risk Health Care Workers
  • First Responders

Phase 1 B.2 – Eligible for COVID-19 Vaccine

Current Phase

  • Coloradans Aged 65-69
  • Pre-K-12 Educators
  • Child Care Workers in Licensed programs
  • Continuity of State Government (includes Executive and Judicial branches of state government)

Eligible Soon

Phase 1 B.3

  • Coloradans Aged 60 and Older
  • Frontline Essential Workers in Grocery and Agriculture
  • Coloradans Aged 16-59 with two or more high risk conditions

Phase 1 B.4

  • Coloradans Aged 50 and Older
  • Student-Facing Higher Education Employees
  • Frontline Essential Workers, View Detailed List
  • Faith Leaders
  • Continuity of Local Government
  • Continuation of Operations for State Government
  • Adults who received a placebo during a COVID-19 vaccine clinical trial
  • Coloradans Aged 16-49 with one high risk condition

COVID-19 Vaccine Site

The vaccine is administered at our Brighton clinic – 2801 Purcell St. An appointment is required. 

You can also click here to view a full list of locations across Colorado that offer the vaccine.

COVID-19 Services

We offer COVID-19 testing and treatment. If you have questions, please visit our FAQ page.

Antigen & PCR Rapid COVID-19 Testing

Like the lab-based PCR test, the COVID-19 rapid tests are nasal swab tests. The antigen rapid test is the Sofia Antigen test and it is emergency FDA approved. At this time, the test is $95 and available at all our of our clinics. The PCR rapid test is $125 and available at our Broomfield clinic (while supplies last).

The rapid test is processed more quickly than the lab-based PCR test with results available the same day.  Click here to learn more.

COVID-19 Lab-Based PCR Testing

Like the rapid test, the COVID-19 PCR test is a nasal swab test. The test is a molecular test and takes about 3 to 7 days to process. This test is typically covered by most major insurances. Click here to learn more.

Antibody Testing

Antibody blood tests, also called antibody tests, check your blood by looking for antibodies, which show if you had a previous infection with the virus. Antibodies are proteins that help fight off infections. Depending on when someone was infected and the timing of the test, the test may not find antibodies in someone with a current COVID-19 infection.

In addition to the antibody blood test, we highly recommend receiving the nasopharyngeal swab (COVID-19 test) to check for viral shedding, especially if you are asymptomatic. Co-testing is the best way to receive the most accurate results. If interested, please let the provider know during your virtual visit.

COVID-19 Treatment

Whether you test positive or negative, our providers are here for you until you are feeling better. To help monitor your health, we recommend checking in with us virtually every 1-2 days until you are no longer experiencing symptoms. If we suspect the development of pneumonia or other severe symptoms, antibiotics or additional medical treatment might be required. Please schedule a telehealth visit to meet with our providers. We will recommend re-testing as needed.

CDC Guidelines

For up-to-date information on COVID-19 and the CDC’s guidelines, visit the CDC website by clicking here.

Interested in Getting Tested?

To start the process, please schedule a telehealth visit with one of our providers. You can schedule the visit by clicking here or calling 303-558-0509. Advanced Urgent Care & Occupational Medicine has locations across Colorado’s Denver metro area.

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