Sports Physicals

At Advanced Urgent Care & Occupational Medicine in Colorado we offer walk-in sports physicals for $35.

Walk-In Sports Physicals for $35

Kids registering to participate in school sports or going to camp are typically required to have a physical exam and a signed release from a provider.

If there is a problem, the provider might approve the activity under certain conditions. If there is an old injury that might affect the patient’s performance, the provider will prescribe the best way to avoid furthering the injury. The goal is to ensure, as completely and accurately as possible, that an athlete with a specific medical condition can compete safely.

What Does a Sports Physical Include?

The typical physical exam includes a height and weight measurement, blood pressure check, and a look at the eyes, ears, and throat. The doctor or nurse will likely listen to the heart and lungs for healthy patterns and feel the abdomen for any abnormalities. They will also:

  • Determine that the athlete is in general good health
  • Assess the athlete’s present fitness level
  • Detect conditions that predispose the athlete to new injuries
  • Evaluate any of the athlete’s existing injuries
  • Assess the size and developmental maturation of the athlete
  • Detect congenital anomalies that increase the athlete’s risk of injury
  • Detect poor pre-participation conditioning that may put the athlete at increased risk

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