Workers’ Compensation

When an injury occurs on the job, Advanced Urgent Care & Occupational Medicine is committed to providing timely, quality service to your injured employee. Our goal is to keep your costs down by making every effort to avoid an emergency room visit. We only treat the initial injury.

Any injured employee referred to us for treatment will receive quality, compassionate care from all of our medical specialists. All work status reports will be sent to you and to the workers’ compensation insurance carrier in a timely manner following the patient’s visit.

Our workers compensation staff will always be available to review your employee’s case with you. Accurate documentation, along with clear communication, will facilitate superior medical care and minimize the possibility of future litigation.

The workers’ compensation report we will create for you regarding your employee’s injury will contain the following important information:

  • Date the patient was seen
  • Work Restrictions, if any
  • Information about referrals to other health care
  • Providers or procedures if necessary

Advanced Urgent Care & Occupational Medicine is here to help return your employee back to work safely and reduce the potential hassle of the workers’ compensation process.

Why choose Advanced Urgent Care & Occupational Medicine?

  • Each of our clinics has a provider on staff with a specialization in workers’ compensation injury treatment
  • We have locations across Colorado’s Denver metro area
  • We are proud to offer extended hours (nights and weekends) at our clinics

For more information contact Advanced Urgent Care & Occupational Medicine’s Customer Care Team in Colorado at 303-659-9700 ext.508.