Advanced Urgent Care & Occupational Medicine offers three COVID-19 tests. What are the COVID-19 test differences?

In addition to lab-based PCR testing and antigen rapid testing, we now offer rapid PCR testing (Abbott ID Now RT-PCR) at our Broomfield and Central Park clinics. The Broomfield clinic is located at 3950 W. 144th Ave., Broomfield, CO 80023. The Central Park clinic is located at 3890 Quebec Street Ste A & B, Denver, CO 80207. The rapid PCR test is $125, no insurance accepted.

Unlike the lab-based PCR test, the rapid PCR test allows for same-day results. The lab-based PCR and rapid PCR tests are widely accepted by airlines, surgery centers, and schools.  If your test is for travel, please verify with your destination of travel which test(s) are accepted for your travel itinerary. Every country and state has different requirements. ​

In general, the antigen rapid test is typically chosen if you have COVID-19 symptoms or have been exposed. The PCR tests are recommended if you need testing for travel, to have surgery, or need a test to go back to work or school. The rapid tests can be scheduled without a telehealth visit. If you’d like a lab-based PCR test, you’ll need to complete a telehealth visit. Click here to schedule your rapid test.

covid test differences

COVID-19 Test Differences: Molecular PCR Tests

The polymerase chain reaction, or PCR, test is considered a molecular test. According to the FDA, molecular tests detect the genetic material or nucleic acid present inside a virus particle. Most PCR testing is done in a lab setting and takes 3 to 5 days to receive results. The rapid PCR test uses the same detection method, but is done at our clinics. This allows for same-day results!

The lab-based and rapid PCR tests are widely accepted by airlines, surgery centers, and schools. Because molecular tests run through multiple amplification cycles, they tend to be more sensitive than an antigen test.

COVID-19 Test Differences: Antigen Rapid Test

Our Sofia rapid antigen test is considered an antigen test and is cash-pay $95, no insurance accepted. Instead of testing genetic material inside a virus particle, antigen tests detect one or more specific proteins from a virus particle, according to the FDA.

Antigen tests are highly specific tests, but are less sensitive than molecular (PCR) tests. This is why most airlines, surgery centers, and schools do not accept antigen testing. However, antigen tests have a simpler design and allow for same-day results.

All of our COVID-19 tests use the most modern and accurate technology. If you need a test for work, school, travel, or surgery we suggest looking into which test will be accepted for your purposes.

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The lab-based PCR and antigen rapid tests are available at all of our clinics. The PCR rapid test (Abbott ID Now RT-PCR) is available at our Broomfield and Central Park clinics.

The rapid PCR test is $125 and the rapid antigen test is $95. No insurance accepted for these tests. COVID test turnaround time is same day! No telehealth visit required, just schedule your test. Click here to schedule your rapid test.