Written by J. Sundberg

Repeated motions and heavy lifting can cause a lot of physical strain—so it’s important to make sure an employee in a labor-intensive position can perform these duties with minimal risk of injury. That’s why pre-employment physicals are an increasingly important part of the hiring process.

What is a Pre-Employment Physical?

The pre-employment physical serves as a baseline for determining that a prospective employee can physically handle a particular position at your company. This service can be customized to your own unique requirements.

The Americans with Disabilities Act makes it unlawful to require a medical exam before extending a job offer. Still, you can have prospective employees undergo a medical exam after a conditional job offer is made. The only catch? All applicants must perform the same exam.

How do employers benefit from Pre-Employment Physicals?

Employers who use pre-employment physicals usually describe them as a vital part of the hiring process. The exams often lead to reduced costs in workers’ compensation. By determining if the employee can perform the essential duties of the job with minimal risk of injury, you know their chances of getting hurt are slim. Instead of paying for costly workers’ compensation claims later, you pay the small up-front cost of the exam to determine the employee’s appropriate level of exertion.

How do employees benefit from Pre-Employment Physicals?

You might be surprised to hear that pre-employment physicals may also benefit the prospective employee. For starters, the exam can help to show the employee their own physical limitations. When you know your limits, it’s easier to avoid overexertion—the leading cause of workplace injuries.

Employees may also uncover a previously unknown health condition—which can now be addressed immediately. Last, the physical also gives the patient the chance to make an educated decision about whether they should accept the job offer. If a prospective employee knows they’ll have a hard time performing the job, they might reconsider taking the position for their own health and safety.

Get started with Pre-Employment Physicals

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