Is your athlete prepared for the upcoming athletic season? Most schools and athletic programs require annual athletic physicals prior to the first practice date. To find this date, visit the Colorado High School Activities Association (also known as CHSAA) website.

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What is an Athletic Physical?

Let’s help each athlete stay safe and healthy this season! The best way to help review and monitor an athlete’s physical wellness and capabilities is through an athletic physical exam. These annual exams, also known as sports physicals, assist coaches, staff, and parents by helping them ensure their athletes are fit and capable to perform in their desired sports/skills with minimum risk.

During the physical exam, medical staff review the athlete’s medical records, physical capabilities, and assess if there are any risks that need to be addressed prior to physical exertion. Ask your athlete’s school today about their sports physical policy.

Answers to your Frequently Asked Athletic Physical Questions

  • Do all athletes need an athletic physical for school sports? Most of the time the answer is yes. However, it is recommended that parents check with the school to see what their athletic program’s require.
  • What should an athlete bring to a physical exam? Each school may have different requirements for paperwork. By checking with the athletic director, athletes will have their designated physical form to bring to their visit. If a parent is not able to come with the athlete to the exam, please make sure a consent form is on file prior to arrival. Click here to access the form.
  • Is it hard to fill out the sports physical form? Contact the school to see if they require a sports physical form. Some schools simply require a letter stating that their athlete received a sports physical for that year.
  • Does the athlete’s parent need to be present for the physical? A parent does not need to be present in the patient room for a sports physical, however Advanced Urgent Care & Occupational Medicine needs to have the parent’s consent form on file. Patients can find the form here.
  • Can athletes get a sports physical without insurance? Yes. Athletic physicals are cash pay only for $35. No insurance accepted.

Stop by Advanced Urgent Care & Occupational Medicine for your Athlete’s Athletic Physical

Advanced Urgent Care & Occupational Medicine provides sports physicals to local athletes for $35. We have locations across Colorado’s Denver metro area. Click here to see all of our locations and to schedule your visit. You can schedule the sports physical visit online or walk-in to any of our clinics 7 days a week.