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Pre-Employment Physical

The Pre-Employment Physical: Helping You Make Important Job Placement Decisions

For: Manufacturing, Physical Distribution, Trucking Companies, Oil & Gas Industry

Upon making a new hire, we encourage you to ask yourself, “Does this person have the physical capabilities to perform the essential functions of this job?”

To help you answer that question, Advanced Urgent Care & Occupational Medicine offers job candidates and employees physical examinations on a walk-in basis. These exams don’t just protect the employee from potential work injuries—they also protect the company against work-related lawsuits for preventable injuries.

The pre-employment physical serves as a baseline for determining that a prospective employee can physically handle a particular position at your company. This service can be customized to your own unique requirements.

In the state of Colorado, pre-employment physical exams can only be legally requested after a job has been offered. Communication is key, and it is important that the employer and employee are both aware of any health conditions to ensure that workplace conditions are safe and accommodating.

Our Pre-Employment Physicals are highly customizable

Your physical can include:

  • Medical history review
  • Height, weight & vital Signs
  • Urine specimen – Glucose test for diabetes
  • Vision test
  • Range of motion
  • Hernia exam
  • Back exam

Why choose Advanced Urgent Care & Occupational Medicine?

  • Board-certified doctors with 20+ years combined of Occupational Medicine experience
  • All tests conducted on-site at our clinics
  • Evening and weekend hours available

For more information contact Advanced Urgent Care & Occupational Medicine in Colorado at 303-659-9700.