With stay-at-home orders lifting, and businesses starting to open back up, we highly recommend you take precautions to help protect yourself and your employees. The first basic precaution to take, is to ask that all employees wear face masks. This can help reduce the spread of germs. The second, and perhaps most important, is to consider taking every employee’s temperature at the start of the work day, or ask them to take their own temperatures and report their temperature reading before coming in to work. One of the main symptoms of COVID-19 is a fever, if your employee is running a fever, they should stay home from work and consider being tested for COVID-19, especially if they are displaying additional symptoms. By monitoring your employee’s temperatures, you can help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and ensure you staff stays safe and healthy.

We’ve created a how-To video to teach you how to take your employee’s temperature and what to do if they have a fever. If you or your employees are concerned about potential exposure to COVID-19, we recommend scheduling a telehealth visit with one of our providers. Their symptoms will be assessed and be referred for COVID-19 testing if needed. Click here to schedule a telehealth visit with a provider.